When you have decided for bankruptcy, then you should get in touch with a bankruptcy lawyer to do the filing. By now you would know the basic documents needed for filing during the initial consultation with syndic faillite gatineau, but you may need additional documents to speed the process. To look for a local attorney in your area and lawyers who are experienced in bankruptcy cases, you can search in http://www.attorneys.com.

If you gather the necessary documents and have them handy, then the process will process quickly. Just like you, your bankruptcy lawyer also wants to make your job easier and quicken the process so having the not so mandatory documents also ready will be helpful for them. No matter whether the debtor is a lessor or a lessee you should provide a list of the current debtors or leases which aren’t expired yet. If any of your property is under foreclosure to your creditor, then that should be intimated to your bankruptcy attorney. If you are renting a house, then you should provide the lease and further, if you are a landlord then you should be ready to put forth the source of the income. Inheritance is also an indirect asset, and if you are a recipient, then you should make sure that your attorney is aware of that.

If you and your spouse were together before bankruptcy and then got separated, then you should attach your separation documents as well as any supporting documents. Further, if you are self-employed, you should provide a copy of the documents from HR department or your advisor in investment.

You can label the documents to present to them as and when needed.